Ikedinachukwu Nwankwor



Dr. Ike works with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, the governing body for healthcare regulation in the region, as a Staff Psychiatrist.

Associate Professor

As an Associate Professor at the University of Manitoba, Dr. Ike teaches medical students and residents in psychiatry.


In his spare time, Dr. Ike writes educational blogs on psychiatry, mental health, and his various hobbies.


Ikedinachukwu Nwankwor

Dr. Ikedinachukwu Nwankwor, MD was born and raised in Nigeria. After completing his primary medical degree at the University of Nigeria, Dr. Ike moved to Ireland to complete his post-graduate training in Psychiatry. After working in the psychiatric field, he moved to Canada and completed all required certification exams to continue his career. Now, Dr. Ike is working as a staff psychiatrist with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority. He is also an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry with the University of Manitoba.

"With these advances in telecommunication, technology can make healthcare for all a more attainable goal."
Dr. Ike
on the use of technology in healthcare